De Omni Scribili

Scribblings Of Ed Wiebe

Brown Eyed Susans

1   cup    margerine or butter
3   tbsp   confectioner's sugar 
           (icing sugar)*
1   tsp    almond extract
2   cups   flour

Cream the butter. Add the sugar 
and almond extract, then flour.
Roll into balls and flatten on
a cookie sheet.  

Bake at 175 °C for 10 minutes.

Decorate with a blob of choclate 
icing (below) and half of an almond.

Chocolate Frosting

1    cup   icing sugar*
2    tbsp  dry cocoa
1/2  tsp   vanilla
2    tbsp  HOT water
You may want to add a bit of fat in 
the form of butter or margarine to 
make it a bit creamier.

*Icing or confectioner's sugar contains corn starch. Pure powdered sugar is difficult to find. I grind sugar in an old coffee grinder. It's a bit more coarse than I would like though.

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