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No Gluten Butter Tarts

Butter Tarts are a Canadian tradition. There are many variations. Since we don't like cooked raisins at our house they are excluded. Instead we've added some broken pecan pieces. What I like about baking is that, while it seems like it ought to be difficult, getting tasty results is actually pretty easy.

The filling is made from:

1          egg
1/2  cup   corn syrup (try rice syrup too)
1/2  cup   brown sugar 
4    tblsp melted butter
1    tsp   vanilla
1/2  cup   pecan pieces

Mix it all together.

The pastry is made from:

1/3  cup   cold water
2    tsp   vinegar
2          egs

1    cup   white rice flour 
1    cup   corn starch
1/2  cup   tapioca starch
2    tsp   xantham gum 
1    pinch salt
2    tblsp white sugar

1    cup   shortening (room temperature; or butter*)

Mix the dry ingredients (we use a sifter with a rotating mixing mechanism).

Cut in the shortening. I just used a fork and then my hands, there's no
gluten so I don't think that overmixing will be a problem.

Mix the wet ingredients together and slowly add them to the dry while 
squishing the whole thing up with your hand.

Roll the dough into thin sheets between two layers of wax paper. It's
a pain but the dough is not elastic like glutenous pastry.

Peel off the top layer of paper and cut the dough into circles that fit 
your muffin pan (12 circular holes for muffins in the pan). Use a new or
dedicated pan to keep things gluten-free! Put the circles in the pan making
cups and then divide the filling between them. It should be enough filling
for a dozen conventional-sized tarts.

Bake at 400°F (I know, I hate using fahrenheit too!) until they're
done (probably 15 minutes or so, but watch them).

Allow them to cool a bit and eat them all right away. Well, a bit of self
control probably won't hurt you. 

We found the pastry to be excellent for tarts. It mostly held together 
while preparing them and after baking where it was delightfully crispy 
and flaky-crumbly.

*Shortening is a vegetable fat with no water and has a higher melting point. Butter is animal fat and includes water (~15%).

butter tart

butter tart closeup

Butter tarts in a baking pan

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