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Nanny's Buttesuppe

as translated by Ed

This is Gluten-Free if you use a GF flour blend for the dumplings.

Read this whole thing through before you start since you need to know what you're getting into.


Honestly, I never measure any of this so you've 
just got to try. If you've have a traditional 
buttesuppe before you know what you're aiming for.

1 L of chicken stock
a few potatoes, peeled and cut into chunks 
  you could eat
1 whole yellow onion, peeled and NOT chopped up 
  (cut the ends off)
some carrots chopped into chunks
some celery chopped into chunks 
1/4 to 1/3 cup of butter
enough extra water, you'll need to keep adding 
  it bit by bit, so as to keep it soupy.

a few bay leaves
summer savory and parsley 
  or other green herbs you like
pepper corns and some black pepper
  I've seen variations that include interesting 
  herbs and spices such as nutmeg (!)

maybe some salt but usually the chicken stock 
  is salty already, and butter probably is too.

Put it all in a pot and add water until you have 
enough to cook the potatoes properly. 

Bring it to a boil and then simmer it until it's done. 
Probably a couple of hours at least. There's some kind 
of food chemistry transformation that happens to the 
starch and the fat in the butter at some point. 

If you want to add the "dumplings", as we called them,
make them as follows.

one or two eggs, beaten
(GF)flour to make a stiff dough using the egg(s), 
  1 to 2 cups (?)
  added gradually is probably best
you can always add a bit of water if you need to
You can season the dough with some ground black pepper 
  and paprika

Work the dough a bit with your hands and then 
you've got two options.
  roll it flat and cut ribbon noodles to 
    add to the soup 
  break of small chunks or cut them off so that 
    you get odd blob noodles (dumplings!)
I like the odd dumplings, not the noodles.

Cook until it's done. It's best eaten when prepared
but you can refrigerate it. However, it will turn 
into a solid gelatinous mass when cooled. Don't be 
repulsed. It will be delicious when heated again. 
Freezing does something weird to the potatoes.

Eat it with sour cream dolloped in the bowl.

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