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Caramel Corn

Yes you too can make caramel popcorn at home. It's not hard but it works better if you have a BIG bowl.

NOTE: 2010-07-12, This seems to be my most popular recipe. I hope everyone who is looking is giving it a try. It's really easy and fun.

1 1/2 cups   unpopped corn
1     cup    margerine or butter  
2     cups   brown sugar          
1/2   cup    corn syrup           
1/2   tsp    baking soda          
1     tsp    vanilla


1.   Pop the corn (DUH! -- I use a hot air popper 
     -- it's a lot of popped corn)
2.   Melt the margerine, sugar and syrup in a small
     pot. Boil this for about five minutes without 
     stirring (I don't know why you shouldn't 
     stir -- I often do but I was told not to).
     Don't cook this on maximum heat or 
     you're going to be sorry.

CAUTION:  Hot syrup is dangerously hot and sticky.  

3.   Take the syrup/sugar mixture off the heat and 
     add the vanilla and soda. This is a fascinating 
     process. The alcohol in the vanilla boils off 
     rapidly (though not in my experience explosively) 
     and the soda reacts quickly with the brew to
     make a caramel coloured froth about the consistancy
     of sticky shaving foam.
4.   Mix this sauce into the popped corn. You need 
     lots of stirring here and AFTER IT COOLS A BIT 
     you should use your hands. 
5.   Bake this in the oven on low heat (120&dnbsp;°C)
     stirring every 15 minutes for 30-60 minutes.
     It will be crispier if you bake it longer. 

This recipe was passed to me by my dear aunt Holdina Voth.

a picture of home made caramel corn

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