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Peppermint Ammonia cookies

This recipe is recorded in honour of my Aunt Holdina Voth who faithfully made these for us every Christmas.

The Mennonites that I grew up with called these Gruznikje (which is unpronounceable unless you speak Plautdietsch--Mennonite low german) or Pfefferminzküake. These are really tasty and not too difficult.

There are a few things to watch out for when you make these:

  • The dough is really soft and sticky (if you make it correctly) so use quite a bit of flour when rolling it out and cutting the shapes.
  • Also, do not over work the dough. The more you work it the tougher the cookies will be. You can try this for yourself, the best cookies are those worked minimally.
  • Finally, I use flavouring labelled Pure Mint and Peppermint Extract. There is another kind called Pure Peppermint Extract which is yellower in colour. The latter is much stronger and I don't advise using it.

  • 2 3/4  cups  flour
    1            egg
    1      tbslp butter
    1      cup   cream
    1      cup   white sugar
    1      tblsp baking ammonia (baking powder nowadays)
    1      tblsp peppermint extract (may be too much for some)
    1) Cream the butter and sugar, add egg and flavouring then cream.
    2) add the dry ingredients -- the dough should be soft.
    3) Roll out (1 cm thick) and cut with cookie cutters
    Bake carefully at a low temperature (165 C) for about 10 minutes.  
    They should just have a hint of brown on the bottom.  These 
    cookies get quite tough if they are overcooked.  Ice with a thin 
    sugar icing, dyed green of course!
    peppermint Pfefferminz Gruznikje cookies peppermint Pfefferminz Gruznikje cookies

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