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Basic Pizza Crust

You will never be able to reproduce a bread-like gluten-based dough. With some work you can get to something pretty good as thin-crust pizza goes. This is the first time I've written this down and it may require some modification. GF dough and baking in general is fussy.

2     eggs 
1 1/4 cup  water
1/3   cup  olive oil
1 1/2 cup  white or brown rice flour 
           (might need to increase this to 2 cups).
3/4   cup  tapioca starch
3/4   cup  potato starch
1     tsp  sugar
1     tsp  salt
1     tsp  yeast (GF)
1     tsp  xanthan gum

Mix eggs, water, sugar, salt. Add yeast.
Blend in the flours. I use a stand mixer and dough hook.
Add xanthan gum. 
The dough should be stiff enough to pick up in a lump. 
You don't need to knead it. There's no point, without gluten. 

This recipe will make three crusts. It may be possible to 
freeze the dough though I haven't tried.

Divide the dough into three. Roll out one ball of dough on a floured surface. If it's too sticky it needs more flour. Work some in. Roll gently. The dough will be delicate and tear easily. Don't make it too thin.

You will not be able to just lift the rolled sheet onto a pan or pizza stone. Here's what we have worked out. Gently fold the sheet of dough over on itself a couple of times. Lift the roll onto a square of parchement paper. Use that, two people may be needed, to move it to a pan. Or, and this is how we do it, build the pizza on the parchment paper and use the paper to transfer (two people) the pizza onto a hot pizza stone. When using a stone, taking care, the parchment can be folded under itself at one edge and you can slide it out from under the pizza so that it can cook directly on the stone. On a pan, cook it on the parchment.

We bake the pizzas at 450 °F in a convection oven for 14 to 16 minutes depending on the density of toppings.

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