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Stewed Fruit

Stewed fruit is great to eat, hot, as a topping for 
waffles or crepes or just on its own.  It is easy 
to make.

1     L   frozen fruit (apricots, sour cherries, 
                        frozen berries)
1-2   tsp arrowroot starch
          sugar to taste
1/2   cup cold water

Heat the frozen fruit in a suitable pot.  As it 
warms it will release juice.  Meanwhile in a 
small bowl or cup mix the corn starch with 
about half a cup of cold water and a 
couple of tsp of sugar.  The starch will clump 
if you put it in warm water.  When the fruit 
comes to a light boil add some of the hot liquid 
to the starch mixture and then pour that into 
the boiling fruit.  Reduce heat and stir.  The 
liquid should thicken.  You may want to add 
more sugar or more starch but be warned that 
the starch changes the flavour of the fruit 
if you add too much.  

Serve hot as a topping for waffles 
or crepes.

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