De Omni Scribili

Scribblings Of Ed Wiebe

Tofu Nut Loaf

1   cup   fine ground cashews
1         medium onion chopped fine
1   cup   bread crumbs   (or crushed saltines)
1   cup   tofu           (soft)
1   cup   cooked rice    (I always use basmati)
2   T     soy sauce      (Braggs)
1/2 t     salt
1   T     dried parsely  (live dangerously, use fresh)
1/4 t     celery salt

 - mix all ingredients together in a large bowl, everything 
   has to befinely chopped
 - lightly pack in an oiled 4x8 (archaic distance units) 
   loaf pan - bake at 175 °C (350 °F) oven 
   for 40 minutes
 - turn out of pan when done

 - I usually mix everything in a food processor to make sure 
   it is well chopped.  
 - It seems to tolerate the addition of extra rice.
 - Sometimes I add an egg.
 - Really, you can season it any way you like.  Go wild!
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