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Tom Fletcher Pollutes the Climate Change Debate*

*Note: there is no debate about climate change and the human causes of what we observe. There is still an opportunity to have a meaningful debate on how we can best deal with climate change. It's this discussion that Tom Fletcher is polluting.

Tom Fletcher is wrong about climate change: Volume 11

written by me, twitter-->@edwiebe, 2016-12-23

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On 2016-11-30 Tom Fletcher Polluted the Climate Change Debate here in British Columbia. He accomplished this by writing down his opinion on climate change and not providing any evidence to support his claims. In this bit of written opinion (link below) Tom Fletcher sets off writing about pollution in Chinese cities and finishes with mistaken ideas about Climate Change. Along the way Tom Fletcher drops a few smelly carbon bombs.

His opinions have been archived.

The first problem is:

TF: This is not “carbon pollution,” [his quotes] as some North American politicians no refer to carbon dioxide, the invisible gas we exhale with every breath that helps plants grow.

Let’s examine Tom Fletcher’s claim a bit more thoughtfully though we’ll ignore the general awkwardness of the end of the sentence. We can find a number of different sorts of official references to “carbon pollution”. Here are some examples.

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