I finally got an email from a well-known local climate science objector. I consider it to be a bit of a badge of honour. The message is copied below with its formatting intact.

From: paul w 
Sent: Saturday, April 13, 2013 10:59:57 AM
Subject: ionospheric heaters manipulating jetstream+ chemtrail spraying cause of 

ALL CLIMATE CHANGE!!! -- Soviets+USA began to purposely melt Arctic in 1976 for rich oil and ga$ deposits, by steering jetstream which electromagnetic waves generated by ionospheric heaters developed from NIKOLA TESLA models and from daily spraying of chemtrails by pilotless planes nano powders of aluminum + barium that turn into artificial clouds block the sun's light + heat -- GLOBAL WARMING is a HOAX and the LIES are used for  MAKE WORK PROJECTS  FOR NO INTEGRITY LYING SLEEZY COWARDLY PERVERTED SCIENTISTS WHO ARE  1st DEGREE IDIOTS ---- you lying scumballs are going to be punished SEVERELY  in God's Spiritual PRISON called HADES ,which is under the ocean (JOB26:5) IN THE BELLY OF THE EARTH ,for 1000 years of excruciating torment in your soul bodies ie (will,intellect,emotions ,conscience)  with all of your evil lies burrowing deep into the recesses of your evil souls -- NO LOVE WITHOUT GOD'S JUSTICE!!! ----- before God (YHWH) tosses you down to the Pit, He says you will be boiling your children to eat (Lev.26+ Deut.28:49....65) when the enemy comes in SUDDENLY like a flood ---- "the SPOILER shall SUDDENLY come says the Sovereign"  to fill the land like insects AND THEY ARE GOUING TO BE VERY CRUEL TO ELDERLY AND THE YOUNG. --- weather geo-engineering ARE  the WORST CRIMES  AGAINST HUMANITY +ANIMALS EVER IN HISTORY and you know it and that is why you keep lying and deceiving to keep cushy paycheck -- you'll be in the food lineups sooner than you think, you lying scum ---- i'm praying you lying scum get cancer in your evil bowels until they fallout ,just like God did to King Herod 2000 years ago --- Unless you lying scum REPENT,   you will be mightily ashamed on JUDGEMENT DAY,   WHEN THE SAINTS JUDGE THE WORLD --- "EVERY SECRET THING WILL BE JUDGED ,,WHITHER IT BE GOOD OR WHITHER IT BE EVIL" AMEN -- HALLELUJAH ----MARANATHA,MARANATHA,MARANATHA.--GOD PUNISHES EVIL!!!
   sincerely  Paul