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Since 2003 I have given many presentations to school children, parents, teachers and the public in a variety of settings. In 2003 and again in 2012 I participated in UVic Science Faculty Open Houses where the public was invited to visit UVic to see what kinds of research and teaching activities take place on the UVic campus. The talks and demonstrations usually last about an hour and include many demonstrations and small experiments to illustrate facts about weather and climate. Sometimes I travel to schools and at other times I participate with others at our lab here at UVic when school children visit us on field trips. I generally build the apparatuses that I use for these demonstrations myself. One example is a our simple "tornado machine" that demonstrates a vortex in a mostly-closed chamber that stands 1.5 metres tall. Another is the Kelvin Water Drop machine that demonstrates a way that electric charges can be separated simply using flowing water and a positive feedback. A video of that device is linked below.

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