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Scribblings Of Ed Wiebe

Ed Wiebe Woodturning

I enjoy making making bowls and other objects from wood I can scrounge in and around Saanich, British Columbia.

Here's Gallery of my work.

I use mostly wood I can scrounge from the neighbourhood though sometimes buy blanks or other prepared wood stock. Often, the wood I find is scrappy or rough in some way. Cracks are quite common. Sometimes I repair cracks or I may leave them in the piece. I like to turn green wood, wood that is freshly cut. It often warps in interesting ways as it dries. I find it's usually easier to turn the wood green than it is to try to dry it slowly and carefully enough to get a more 'perfect' piece to work from. Knots may leave a hole in a piece. If it works, it works.

I've worked on two projects that I am quite proud of. They're listed below.

Social Distancing Project

UVic Oak Project

I will sell you a bowl if you're interested but I don't have a formal online shop set up, nor do I go to local weekend or summer markets. I may begin to do that at some point but it's too much like work at the moment. Contact me if you're interested. If you are in Greater Victoria it's easy to make some arrangement for pick up or delivery. If you're farther afield I will be happy to pack something up and ship it, but shipping may be a bit expensive.