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"... In the morning, I'm makin' waffles!" -- Donkey, Shrek
1 3/4  cups  milk
2            eggs
2      cups  flour
4      tsp   baking powder
1      tsp   sugar  
2      tblsp melted butter (margerine)

1) Beat the eggs, mix in the milk,  sugar, flour, baking powder and butter
2) Cook the batter in a waffle iron.  
3) Eat immediately as they lose something if they sit around too long

You can eat them with vanilla custard (below) or with REAL maple syrup
or with stewed fruit, expecially apricots or sour cherries.

There is an amazingly decadent white sauce (milk pudding?) that the Russian
Mennonites have with their waffles.  I only tried to make it once and it 
didn't thicken for me.  

White Sauce

4 1/2  cups  milk
3/4    cup   milk
3      egg   yolks
3      egg   whites (beaten into peaks, you know the drill)
8      tbsp  flour
1/2    tsp   vanilla
1      cup   sugar

1) bring the 4 1/2 cups of milk slowly to a boil
2) meanwhile mix the 3/4 cups of milk with the egg yolks
   and the flour (add cold water if it is too gluey) - make
   a paste.
3) add some hot milk to the paste to heat it up.
4) when the milk boils add the paste to the hot milk
5) take the milk off of the heat and add the egg whites.

Some Comments

Be careful when boiling the milk.  It will foam up considerably 
when it boils and can easily overflow the pot.  It also burns 
easily if the heat is too high.

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