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Fun Words

In which I attempt to come up with words that don't exist elsewhere


Pasta served with no sauce or oil. Also, denoodles I suppose.

A hash function for human knowledge.

OK, it's not word. It's a phrase and at the time of this writing google returns zero results for it. So, I win.

Hash function for human knowledge.

It came up in a conversation about Captchas (CAPTCHAS = Completely Automated Public Turing Test To Tell Computers and Humans Apart) with my son. We were specifically discussing those captchas that use tiled images and ask the human to select those with storefronts, or sign posts, or roofs. Hash functions encode complex information in a way that is easy to compute yet very difficult to decode.


Oh my gosh! This word is so lively and interesting! It makes any gathering fun.


This is what you are when a hummingbird hovers near your head checking you for tasty insects to eat (presumably).


This word will be used to describe people who are smart, funny, charming, personable, attractive, all-round great folks who succeed without making you feel like you're worthless. A positive to word to describe positive people who make us all better by proxy.

e.g. It's great to work with Jill; she's the hadfield in our office. Reginald is such a hadfield! I hope my kids grow up to be like him.


Here's an acronym that expands to Nebulous Enemy Forces Appearing Rarely In Obvious Undeniable Sightings.

The inspiration for this was the frequent messages and YouTube comments directed toward me that claim something called "chemtrails" are real. There are no "chemtrails". They are part of the vivid fantasy life of some misguided people who have found each other on the internet.


When you see a guy strutting along the street thinking he's all that with cool shades on he's got attidude.

It turns out that this one is in the urban dictionary though I think my definition is better than what is shown there.


Those bits of your body that are delicate, for whatever reason. They're your delibits.


This is the act of calling out with joy upon hearing an infant wail in public knowing that your own children have grown well past the point of inflicting similar cries upon yourself and others.


When grading exams in 2023, two different students wrote this instead of hibernate. It made me think of the housefull of bros next door who all went quiet for Christmas (they all went home to their parents who I am sure don't know just how obnoxious they are as neighbours).


Introduction and Instructions, combined.


Peepoo is what the dog does when he is taken for a walk but it has also become his nickname.

e.g. "Let's take the peepoo for his walk now."


What the dog does when he excitedly greets new arrivals. An episode of piddle.

The Laws of Driving

OK, this is not a word but I don't want to make a new page for this one.

  1. Don't hit anything.
  2. Assume everyone else is incompetent and dangerous.
  3. See Rule Number 1.
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