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Research Interests

contour map of temperatures over Victoria BC.

I completed my Master of Science degree here at the University of Victoria in the Fall of 1998. My thesis was titled, Climate Change and Sub-Grid-Scale Mixing in a Coupled Model. The abstract is available here.

Wiebe, E.C. and A.J. Weaver, 1999: On the sensitivity of global warming experiments to the parameterisation of sub-grid scale ocean mixing. Climate Dynamics, 15, 875-893, doi 10.1007/s003820050319.

I enjoy the combination of computers and science, helping scientists to use computers to improve their research.

I teach and am responsible for first year university Ocean and Atmospheric Science labs.

A significant amount of my time is spent on a weather station network covering several areas of Vancouver Island. I designed, coded, and maintain the systems that support this network in conjuction with Dr. Andrew Weaver.

I like to use IDL and Matlab for a lot of visualisations of data. Here is a map produced with IDL, ETOPO5 bathymetry and GLOBE topography. Clicking on the map (below) will retrieve a 1.3 MB version (2870x1300 pixels).

world map
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