De Omni Scribili

Scribblings Of Ed Wiebe


4    egg  whites 
1/4  tsp  cream of tartar
1    cup  fine sugar (icing, confectioner's)
4    tsp  tapioca starch
2    tsp  vinegar
1    tsp  vanilla

Beat egg whites, cream of tartar till whites 
hold a stiff peak. Add sugar, a few tsp at a 
time while continuing to beat the whites.
It will become stiff and glossy.
Beat in the starch, then vinegar and vanilla.

On a greased and lightly floured pan gently 
form bowl or nest shaped mounds the mixture. 
Bake for about 1 hour (maybe more) or until 
firm at a low heat (135 °C / 275 °F).

Cool and serve with fruit or whipped cream 
in the bowls.

pavlova in the bowl

Stiff peaks.

pavlova nests on the pan

On the pan, before baking.

pavlova nests after baking

On the pan, after baking.

a curl of meringue on a pavlova

A curl.

one way to eat pavlova, with strawberries and whipping cream

One way to eat pavlova.

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